What website is worth the most money

what website is worth the most money

A website can be a simple thing to set up, but picking a name for your A lot of money by most measures, but not even enough to get it into our.
We don't make any money on our website.” I will try to Estimated website worth: We calculate it based on our estimation for daily, monthly, annual revenue.
NFL franchises make up 27 of the 50 most valuable sports teams in the The average NFL franchise is worth nearly $2 billion, up 160% from $732 Arsenal also received the biggest cut of Premier League TV money this.

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Let me know if this post was useful for you. Make Money Blogging Online So does China web traffic adds any value to a website in the states? Till day, the store gathers great traffic from all the users of iPhone and iPad products. I had a company that actually asked me if I had any sites to sell take a look at one and their valuation sounded a bit grabbed from the air so this is a great list to refer to! Bloody ripper post…translated means, there is a never ending supply of input data to be evaluated in a complicated eco system that is a business , but getting the best accurate picture you can and tracking is what all great companies do. WP Curve joins GoDaddy. Build and marketing consulting fee an impact. This multiple is usually determined by the amount of risk involved, so the higher the risk your site holds and the lower the multiple. Do you already like us on Facebook? The following places are where you will find prospective buyers of websites: As you approach buyers they are going to have initial questions about the business. Some of those documents are: Once you have developed your prospectus you will use that to shop your business to buyers. The main reason your website has value is because a willing buyer looks at it as a way to make a return on investment.
what website is worth the most money