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Chancellor Cole then takes Zelda's body and uses it as a vessel in an attempt to revive Malladus. It granted the wishes of its wearer. She rather sarcastically asked Link if he was okay in a difficult situation though, hinting some concern. This Link seems to have become intimate with Zelda later on as hinted in the Oracle games and A Link Between Worlds. He lives just outside the town with his grandfather and goes to the Picori Festival with his childhood friend, Princess Zelda. Several times throughout his quest, Link is confronted by Ghirahim , the self-proclaimed Demon Lord, who was also the very being that conjured the black tornado. After Link overcomes many hardships, the King of Red Lions names him the Hero of Windsand Ganondorf declares Link to be the Hero of Time reborn. She seems to hold Link in high regard as she credits him for his numerous accomplishments. Although not explicitly confirmed in a video game title, this theory is based on hints given in the games, interviews with the game creators, and content of the animated series, comics, link without hat, and manga although the last three are generally considered non-canonical. Upon returning the now lifeless mask to the Happy Mask Salesman, Link leaves his new friends and continues his journey, while the people of Termina once more celebrate link without hat dawn of a new day. During the ending, Zelda asks what Link will do now. Let your wishes be made real! He is a famous Minish sage. Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance

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Link awakens to find his uncle preparing to come to Zelda's aid, and is told to remain in his bed. Finally, after Malladus is defeated, Zelda and Link watch Anjean and Byrne's spirits ascend to the heavens. Trying to improve coloring. She also seems to have realized Link as a brave person as hinted through her dialogue. The blade is then infused with the Elements, turning the White Sword into the Four Sword.