Tracking graphic design definition

tracking graphic design definition

Kerning and tracking are two related and frequently confused typographical terms. Both refer to the adjustment of space between characters of.
In typography, letter-spacing, usually called tracking by typographers, refers to a consistent In its original meaning with metal type, a kern meant having a letter stick out Letter-spacing adjustments are frequently used in news design.
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Banner In typography, any large headline, especially one that spans the width of a page. DPI Dots per inch is a unit of measurement used to describe the resolution of printed output. Word processing and desktop publishing programs for personal computers such as— Microsoft Word , WordPerfect , QuarkXPress , Adobe InDesign , Adobe FrameMaker , Adobe Illustrator , and Adobe Photoshop —use differing methods of adjusting letter-spacing. Leading refers to the amount of space between the lines of text. This is distracting to the eye and aesthetically undesirable, and may be corrected by moving words from line to line in order to position the word spaces.
There can be a dozen or so pairs or none! A folio that appears at the bottom of a page is called a drop folio. Typography involves the proper placement, positioning, and specification of type to ensure not only maximum legibility but also high aesthetic appeal, tracking graphic design definition. In typographyletter-spacing, usually called tracking by typographers, refers to a consistent degree of increase or sometimes decrease of space between letters to affect density in a line or block of text. Low-Resolution Descriptive of an image--either on a computer display or in printed form--that has a low number of dots--or pixels--per square inch. Each side of a leaf is one page.