Consulting retainer fees

consulting retainer fees

A thriving consulting business needs a constant stream of new clients, after all. I even have one client who often pays the retainer fee before I've even invoiced.
Many consultants give retainer clients a percentage off their normal fees. In return, a client can expect to receive a specified number of hours of support or.
We intend to pay a relatively significant fee to hire a consulting firm prior to year end. Obviously, much of the actual services will be performed in the ye.

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User Reviewed wiki How to Set Consulting Fees. Limited budgets and a lack of long-term strategies mean that most work will be short-term or one-off projects, but it doesn't have to be this way. You both know that you enjoy working together. It mitigates your risk and more closely aligns the movement of cash with movement on the project. In my mind any payments made in excess of services delivered is a prepaid asset on the balance sheet. I appreciate the input. Thank you very much. Should social media managers charge hourly or a retainer fee?