Yours best

yours best

During this course one teacher claimed that you should never, never use the greeting “ Best regards”. Instead you should use “ Yours sincerely” or “Kind regards”. ' Best regards' and 'Kind regards' both seem to me suitable only for a personal letter to a friend.
The best way to end an email is with a phrase that reminds the recipient you're a real person. Thanks, nice one.
I've been taught to end business letters with " Yours faithfully" but I can see from my daily correspondence that " Best regards" is more commonly. yours best
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Yours best - use the

It seems to me that this, along with the strange and pointless-seeming 'best regards' itself, is essentially business-speak and meant to make the correspondence, and by extension the writer, seem 'professional'. Learn more about Stack Overflow the company. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. There was an old-fashioned ending along the lines of I have the honour, Sir, to remain your obedient servant sometimes shortened to I have the honour etc. And no one in their right mind uses signoffs in text messages.