The best computer for graphic design

the best computer for graphic design

In the early days of Graphic Design and Digital Typography (early the Apple Macintosh was the first computer to truly So What Does That Have To Do With Mac vs PC? Best Websites for Graphic Design Portfolios.
Best laptop for artists and graphic design (4Q 2016 Updated) . If you want the latest all-in-one tablet/ computer, then this is the one to get.
Before you decide to build a PC for your graphic design workflow, you Intel i5 or i7 processors are usually best for working with the Adobe.
Falls right along the lines of Canon vs Nikon. Vote in the poll below for your favorite graphic design software! Call it what it is: mythology. The gamers have driven that market as well as anyone could imagine. I only took it that you wanted the best hardware we can get off the shelf today. I think that makes a difference. The OS is more solid.