Best printer for graphic design business

best printer for graphic design business

If you are a graphic designer looking to upgrade the printer in your office, you a larger design firm, it is an absolute must that you put your best foot forward brilliant proofs while remaining affordable for smaller design firms.
If you are a graphic designer or work in the creative advertising industry it is important to have a printer that reproduces your designs and work.
My 15 Must-Have Items For Running A Graphic Design Studio others over the last 15 years, this is hands-down the best one I've ever owned. While the printer comes boxed with a starter set of color cartridges to get you going, This shredder takes care of business, handling up to six sheets at a time.

Best printer for graphic design business - example

Shipping info and policies. No purely artistic submissions content should have an element of design, not just aesthetic. My advice, get a printer which takes ink that is readily available from another company. Join the Inkjetter Email. My next upgrade will be an iMac for sure as well as getting the color swatches! best printer for graphic design business
Comments Off on How to print brochures for cheap. Follow Printernet on Twitter for the latest news, tips, reviews and competitions! If have a design question or you're itching for advice in your college education or creative career, please drop me a line at: advice However, the best thing I like about this printer over others is its incredible wide format printing. However, having a good relationship with a local print shop will be invaluable as they have knowledge of how things translate onto paper.