Best computers for graphic design students

best computers for graphic design students

Laptop Mag names the best laptop for college overall, plus our top laptop picks by major (business, design, engineering, etc.) Core i5 CPU with Intel Iris Graphics, lightning-fast PCIe storage and nearly 10 hours of battery life.
My question is to you, what do you thing would be best suited for a Graphic Designer. I know it comes down the personal preference, but what  Best laptop for game development, gaming and graphic.
Looking for the best laptop for graphic design? Check out our top list of good laptops for designers for both PC and Mac! The Toshiba Satellite laptop is the perfect solution for students who are learning their trade. This laptop is. Top 5 Graphic Designing Laptop's best computers for graphic design students

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It's worth to mention in this list as one of the best laptop for designers because of the reasonable hardware specification for the price. Altogether this is a great laptop for graphic designers who are stepping in to this filed. The more pixel real estate, the better you can see your designs and work with everything. Laptops based on Broadwell are still on sale though — as are Haswell-based models as some manufacturers skipped Broadwell as quad-core chips using that platform arrived late, not too long before the Skylake platform was due. SPECwpc is a Windows-only benchmark based around creative tools such as Maya and Blender, as well as the IOmeter hard drive speed testing tool. You need to physically hold the stylus in your hand, rest your palm on the tablet, try out the feel.