Price and service

price and service

How you price your product, service or workshop can have a massive impact on your sales. Unfortunately, it can also lead to a massive anxiety.
One of the trickiest parts of running your own business is deciding how much to charge. Price your services too high and customers will balk at.
Without a doubt, one of the hardest parts of starting a consulting or professional practice is the art (there is no science) of pricing your services.

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There are obvious problems with acquiring customers on a low-price basis. To decide where you want to fall along the spectrum, consider your skill level, your experience and your reputation. If this all sounds like too much math, try out this quick calculator. In the simplest terms, your price should be calculated by adding your own costs to the profit you wish to make:. The very first copy of a Windows release costs billions. For digital products, pricing strategies range widely. If you do go for a higher price point, remember that you will have to explain to potential customers the added value that you and you alone!
price and service