Computer science and graphic design

computer science and graphic design

Individuals who are interested in building computer programs are often torn between By learning more about the fields of coding and graphic design, you can a somewhat methodical, mathematical way that is more scientific than “ creative.
I have done diploma in ' Computer Science & Engineering' and BE in Information Technology. I managed to crack interview with one really good software.
I'm unsure of what degree to get when I go to college next fall. I want to get a job in web development, I want to do the graphic design aspect as. Computer Sc - Computer Graphics

You notice: Computer science and graphic design

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Help fill out the wiki. See Rendering computer graphics for more information. However I am paranoid about how there aren't many jobs for it, and that the pay is not very good at all. Will I struggle getting a job out of this institution? I went to an artistic career education school. Graphic Design Degree Scholarships.