Before you follow tumblr

before you follow tumblr

You like someone, you can follow them. Doesn't matter if you agree with them or not. Does tumblr have some sort of special feature that allows.
Find and follow posts tagged byf on Tumblr.
Ridiculous and (mostly) unironic Before You Follow (BYF) pages are tbh you could probably just have this on your blog description and not even have a dfi. before you follow tumblr

Before you follow tumblr - Save

Wanna ask a question? I am deitykin and divine. When I was on tumblr I'd usually have a little warning somewhere that I reblog some borderline nsfw stuff and gory artwork things that I figured someone could reasonably be upset to see if they followed me thinking I just post Pokemon or whatever. Avoid revealing intimate, personal details about yourself in public boards. A lot of bloggers I've seen don't seem to have a firm grasp on how the internet works. Search Google and KnowYourMeme before posting, too.